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What Are SAP Calculations

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What Are SAP Calculations

Laurence Jay Ltd specialises in building code assessments and SAP calculations for clients throughout the UK. SAP Calculations are required for every new building erected and was introduced in 1995.

When it comes to SAP calculations, it is required for new homes under regulations Part L . Developers should be familiar with it, as well as new self-builders. It’s often a challenging process as it controls a lot of building processes. You may also need SAP when you do extensions or conversions in your home.

SAP stands for Standard Assessment Procedure. It’s a system managed by the government that regulates the energy rating for every new home. These buildings need to be approved and accredited with a certification body. The rating is a number between 1 and 100. The higher the number, the lower the fuel costs and thus lower emissions.

There are many things taken into account, like the construction of the building, the heating system, lighting and more. You need these assessments done to have your development signed off. But there are other reasons why SAP calculations are important too. They play an important role in the environment and making homes energy efficient.

It’s important for developers to meet sustainability targets. That’s why these assessments are in place. They help to meet environmental obligations and make homes more energy efficient. An assessor will form the construction plans to the HVAC specifications. This is why drawings need to be accurate.

For more information about SAP calculations, phone 0161 427 2699.