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What is DER TER

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  • 06-07-2016
What is DER TER

TER & DER Calculations - What is DER TER

If you're involved in the building industry you may have seen the terms TER & DER. Let's take a look at exactly what this is and why it is important.

Being environmentally friendly is always important. This is also true when constructing a new building. That is why you should always take in consideration your buildings emissions. DER stands for Dwelling Emission Rate and TER stands for Targeted Emission Rate.

These figures indicate the emissions that your building will have. These figures will also help to determine whether a new building will meet its emission targets. This is important as new buildings have to meet certain target. The target is determined by comparing buildings of the same type and using the same fuel source. It's important to know about these guidelines before a building is constructed.

There are many factors that can affect the DER and TER guidelines. You should ensure that your building pass both of these guidelines, before you can go ahead with construction. That's why it's important for builders and property owners to know about these guidelines.

Some of the factors that can include your results are the fabric efficiency and the heating efficiency of the building. Your air-tightness and glazing will also be taken into account.

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