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SBEM Calculations

It's easy to think that SAP and SBEM calculations are the same things. In truth, they are very similar in nature. While SAP calculations are used to accurately calculate the carbon emission and energy performance of a dwelling, SBEM calculations are applicable to commercial buildings not for dwelling purposes. This includes offices, warehouses and retail units. 

Over the years Laurence Jay Ltd have conducted SBEM calculations on buildings of all sizes and nature. We extend our services to cover Cheshire, Manchester and the North West to all commercial and industrial customers. With over 30 years of experience, you can count on us to provide a professional and accurate report.


SBEM is an abbreviation of "Simplified Building Energy Model". The process of the SBEM calculation is very similar to SAP calculations. The assessor conducts the calculations based on the scaled plans, sections and specifications of the building before building work commences. The criteria of the SBEM includes the following:

  • The heat retaining value of the building fabric
  • Solar gain from openings such as doors and windows
  • Energy consumption of HVAC systems
  • Air tightness of the building
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Materials used in the construction 

Much like its residential counterpart, the SBEM calculation is a crucial element of Building Regulations Part L. It results in a score from 1-100 indicating the energy performance of the building, which in turn produces the Energy Performance Certificate. You are not legally allowed to sell or rent a property without an EPC. The SBEM also calculates the Carbon emission of the proposed building and is used by the government to track the progress towards any energy and environmental policy initiatives.

SBEM conversions are also mandatory for extensions and conversions on commercial, industrial and non-residential properties. In either case, it's recommended to use the same assessor to conduct the SBEM calculation and the final calculation which produces the EPC. This is to avoid any miscommunication and confusion which could lead to costly delays. You should only use an independent, accredited Level 4 or 5 energy assessor.