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The national standard for measurement of the sustainability of design & construction of new homes is known as the Code for Sustainable Homes (CFSH). Using a rating of one to six stars to indicate the overall sustainability performance of new homes, the CFSH is becoming an increasingly important consideration for anyone building homes in the UK irrespective of whether individual units or large development sites.

Accredited Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor

In England, Local Authorities are increasingly imposing (via planning condition) a requirement for Code Level 3 or higher on new housing schemes. Within the Social Housing Sector, Housing Associations are frequently looking to achieve code level 4 as a minimum standard. Code Assessments can only be undertaken by qualified and accredited Code Assessors such as Laurence Jay Ltd. In addition, the site must be registered with the appropriate accreditation body.

Achievement of an acceptable Code for Sustainable Homes Code can be an extremely complicated process. This is because it measures the sustainability of the site and dwelling against nine design categories to obtain a rating for the dwelling as a whole.

The Design Stage is often critical as this is where the greatest time and money can be saved. Getting things right at the Design Stage leads to an easier Construction Stage and the required Code Level Certificate being awarded on completion. Involvement of an expert at the earliest stage possible therefore reduces overall costs.

CFSH Assessment two Stage process

To achieve the required Code Level with the minimum of delay and cost it is usual for a two stage Assessment approach to be taken - the first at the Design Stage (leading to issuance of an Interim Certificate) and the second at Post Construction Stage.

At Laurence Jay Ltd we are qualified to undertake Code for Sustainable Homes Assessments and to advise developers on the most cost effective means of achieving the required Code Level. We believe in offering a first class job at a price that's fair to all.

Post Construction Stage Assessment

At Post Construction Stage evidence must be collected to support the Assessment and a site visit undertaken. Laurence Jay Ltd can conduct site visits for CSH in Cheshire and the North West.

CFSH Assessment single point of contact

A Named Assessor is allocated to each project and is your single point of contact for all technical matters throughout the construction process. This ensures continuity of understanding of the project and detailed construction methods.

SAP Calculations

We are also able to offer clients SAP calculations which are a requirement of CFSH Assessment at a discounted rate thereby removing the need for additional service providers and cost.

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