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How Do SAP Calculations Use DER TER Figures

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  • 17-08-2016
How Do SAP Calculations Use DER TER Figures

When it comes to building a new home, it’s important to know the right regulations. This will not only allow you to be compliant, but you’ll also consider the environment. Energy efficiency is very important, making CO2 emissions an important aspect.

One way to ensure your project meets emissions targets is using DER/TER figures. This refers to the CO2 emissions that your building will have. It compares the TER (Target Emission Rates) against the DER (Dwelling Emission Rates). There is a target set for every type of building that you should know about.

DER/TER figures are important for many reasons. That’s why they are used in SAP calculations when your construction project is assessed. Part of any SAP calculation is the energy efficiency of your building, so DER/TER is always considered. Councils want to increasingly reduce CO2 emissions where possible, which is why these guidelines exist.

An SAP assessor will work with designers, planners and builders to ensure compliance. When your emissions and energy efficiency are determined, you’ll be notified of any issues. As soon as your project has been approved, building work can commence. It’s important to rectify any issues beforehand, to ensure that your home will always be compliant.

There are many aspects that determine your DER/TER figures. One of these is your heating and cooling system in your home (HVAC), as well as the materials you use. That’s why it’s important to consult an expert, even when you just want to do extenstions to your home. For more information about DER/TER figures for your project, phone 0161 427 2699.