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How Do I Pass SAP Inspection

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  • 03-09-2016
How Do I Pass SAP Inspection

If you are planning to build an extension to your home, you need to know about an SAP inspection. This also goes for builders working on a new development. SAP inspections are essential and you have to pass yours to be able to continue with your building project.

An SAP inspection will tell you whether your project is meeting all the necessary requirements. These requirements refer to energy efficiency. It’s important to consider the environment, which is why these specifications are so important.

Some of the aspects that will be considered include sound insulation, ventilation testing and air permeability testing. This all forms part of your SAP inspection.

These SAP inspections will be done by professionals, so you’ll be notified if your inspection is a success. You need to get a pass before construction can begin. To ensure that you pass your inspection, make sure you are using the right building materials, have sufficient ventilation, and a great HVAC system. You can speak to a professional to help you prepare your plans for inspection.

If you have an existing home and want to add an extension, you’ll also need to pass an inspection. That’s why you should run your plans by a professional before you begin.

Alternatively you can consult an expert building team or planner to work on your plans. This way you know that your home will always be energy efficient and compliant.

For more information about passing an SAP inspection, phone 0161 427 2699.