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Energy Calculation for Domestic New Builds

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  • 07-11-2016
Energy Calculation for Domestic New Builds

Do I Need an Energy Calculation for Domestic New Builds?

When you are planning a new building, it is important to know that all the calculations you should be making. This includes your buildings energy efficiency.  This takes a closer look at energy calculation for domestic new bulbs.

Specific limits will apply, depending on the type of building your constructing, as well as its location. Since you always want to adhere to legislation, you have to produce the correct certificate in order to get signed off from Building Control.

Part of planning your new building is making sure that your project adheres to all the legal requirements. One of these is to be energy efficient. 

In order to obtain a New Build EPC, certain SAP calculations will be carried out. This refers to a certificate that is issued by a domestic energy assessor.

The assessor will then determine your results and issue you with a certificate. If you meet all the specific requirements of your domestic building. Domestic energy assessors will also provide you with an EPC if you sell your property, or rent it to tenants.

It's important to work with an experienced team who can assist you with calculating your energy consumption for a domestic build. This calculation needs to be accurate, to avoid any possible penalties.

If there are any issues with your building, they should be corrected, before new calculations are done. This will ensure that you always compliant and avoid any penalties.