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We are qualified to offer new build energy calculations for both domestic and commercial properties.

SAP calculations (Standard Assessment Procedures)

Building Regulations require on construction SAP calculations to be produced for all new homes, extensions and conversions. These calculations are required at Building Control Submission stage. Our New Build Energy Assessor can provide independent advice on how to meet the energy efficiency standards of the latest Building Regulations (BRUKL) or required Code Level where Code for Sustainable Home Assessment is being sought.

Laurence Jay Ltd - One Stop Shop

We are qualified to provide:
  • BRUKL compliance checks;
  • TER & DER calculations;
  • Predicted Energy Assessment (PEA certificates); and
  • On construction domestic EPCs

Where plans and specifications are available these will be used to prepare the SAP calculations and no site visit will be required.

BRUKL compliance checks

BEFORE properties are constructed, extended or renovated, Architects and Designers need to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulation Approved Documents Part L1A and L1B by submitting calculations produced by a qualified assessor using approved software. 

Known as BRUKL compliance checks, Laurence Jay Ltd is accredited through the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to carryout the required analysis and to provide the approved documentation.

Laurence Jay Ltd provides objective and impartial advice tailored to your site's requirements. From Design to Post construction we ensure that the correct Low or Zero carbon technology is used to meet your objectives.

Alterations from the design to completion stage are free of charge and the SAP Assessor can liaise with Building Control Officers on your behalf if required. If you are unsure of how BRUKL affects your project contact Laurence Jay Ltd in the strictest confidence.

Building Regulations 2016

All calculations produced by Laurence Jay Ltd conform to the latest Building Regulations. Notably, we are able to produce and advise clients on how to achieve compliance with the latest changes incorporated in the Building Regulations 2016.

TER & DER calculations

The on-construction SAP calculation provides information about compliance with specific criteria required by Building Regulations. One of these criteria is the Predicted Carbon Dioxide emission. This is comprised of the Target Emission Rate and Dwelling Emission Rate calculations (TER & DER calculations). 

Both sets of calculations are based on the property's actual size, shape and built form. Where the calculations differ is that whilst the Target calculation makes standard assumptions about such things as the type of heating, standard of insulation etc the DER calculation uses the design specifics. 

The TER is compared to the DER and to comply with the criteria, the DER must be no greater than the TER.

TFEE & FEE calculations

Newly introduced in the 2016 Building Regulations is the requirement to produce Target Fabric Energy Efficiency and Fabric Energy Efficiency calculations (TFEE & FEE). 

 Similar in concept to TER & DER calculations, the new additional requirement to produce separate TFEE & FEE calculations that comply with the criteria will make it harder for new dwellings to comply with the regulations. 

 Early involvement of Laurence Jay Ltd in your design process should avoid costly non-compliance design faults.

The other criteria required by Building Regulation are:

  • Minimum U values of building elements;
  • Minimum efficiencies of heating controls;
  • Minimum requirements for fixed internal lighting; and
  • Overheating risk;

Failing any one of the above will result in a fail for the overall building design. Laurence Jay Ltd can produce TER & DER calculations as part of your on construction submission to Building Control. Should the proposal not meet current Building Regulations advice can be provided on changes that may be made to achieve compliance.

To undertake a SAP calculation much of the following information is required:

  • Detailed floor plans showing dimensions;
  • Specification of the Heating, cooling and ventilation system(s), including controls
  • Details of the lighting systems to be installed

Predicted Energy Assessment Certificates (PEA certificates)

When selling a home before building is completed, you need to provide information about energy efficiency in the marketing and advertising literature. This is achieved by the production of a PEA certificate which, simply, is the predicted SAP and Environmental Impact (CO2) rating taken from the SAP calculations done at the design stage to check whether the project meets energy-saving targets.

All PEA certificates are produced from drawings and specifications. No site visit is required.

On completion of your dwelling, Laurence Jay Ltd can update design stage calculations to as-built calculations and produce on-construction Domestic EPCs as required by Building Control and your marketing agent.

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We are also contactable via email, please use the form on the Contact Us page of this website. For all your on construction certification needs please contact Laurence Jay Ltd.