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Laurence Jay Ltd offers the full range of Commercial Energy Assessment Services from BRUKL compliance checks using SBEM to Commercial EPCs.


Commercial EPCs are required when commercial buildings are marketed, constructed, sold or rented out. Commercial EPCs are produced using the Simplified Building Energy Model ( SBEM ). For non-dwellings the best buildings have a lower numerical value.


Responsibility for obtaining a Commercial EPC varies as follows:

On Construction:

Under Building Regulations, it is a duty of the Builder (or other person responsible for a new building) to obtain a Commercial EPC on completion of the new building. The hand-over of many new buildings have been delayed due to failure to produce the Commercial EPC in time. (This is also a requirement if a building is converted into fewer or more units and/or there are changes to the heating, hot water provision or air conditioning/ventilation services).

On Sale:

For existing buildings that are to be sold, the building's owner is responsible for ensuring a Commercial EPC certificate is produced and made available to all prospective purchasers at the earliest opportunity after marketing commences.

On Rent:

When buildings are to be rented out, the landlord is responsible for ensuring a valid certificate is made available to all prospective tenants.

Only qualified members of an approved Commercial Accreditation Scheme can lodge Commercial EPC's on the Central Government Register. Laurence Jay Ltd is registered through BRE Global.

There are currently three levels of Assessor qualification:

  • Level 3 relates to simple existing buildings with commonly occurring characteristics that can be modelled using SBEM;
  • Level 4 relates to new and more complex existing buildings that can be modelled using SBEM;  
  • Level 5 relates to the most complex new and existing buildings that need to be modelled using Dynamic Simulation methods (DSM).

Laurence Jay Ltd is accredited at Level 4. It is estimated that this skill level is sufficient to assess over 95% of the current commercial building stock.



For clients involved with the construction, extension or renovation of commercial property, Laurence Jay Ltd can provide the full range of new build on construction calculations and compliance checks.

For New Build Projects a calculation is required to gain permission from Building Control. This calculation is provided as a Building Regulations UK Part L2A and L2B (BRUKL compliance) document. Laurence Jay Ltd is qualified to provide BRUKL compliance checks and CO2 rate calculation certificates to architects and designers for subsequent submission to Building Control at the Design-Stage and As-Constructed stage.

BRUKL compliance checks and Building CO2 emission rate calculation certificates issued by Laurence Jay Ltd are accepted by Local Authorities and Approved Inspectors as evidence that the appropriate Building Regulations requirements would be satisfied if the building were constructed in accordance with the (as calculated) specification.


The on-construction iSBEM calculation provides information about compliance with specific criteria required by Building Regulations. One of these criteria is the Predicted Carbon Dioxide emission. This is comprised of the Target Emission Rate and Building Emission Rate calculations (TER & BER calculations). Both sets of calculations are based on the property's actual size, shape and built form. Where the calculations differ is that whilst the Target calculation makes standard assumptions about such things as the type of heating, standard of insulation etc the BER calculation uses the design specifics. The TER is compared to the DER and to comply with the criteria, the BER must be no greater than the TER.


Using Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) Calculations for Non-Dwellings enables an analysis of a building's energy consumption and performance to be prepared. The same methodology is used for generating non-domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). Laurence Jay Ltd is a qualified SBEM Assessor.

Information Required

In order to complete the calculation, the following information is required:

  • Detailed floor plans showing dimensions;
  • An intended building service specification, including:
  • Specification of the heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) systems, (including controls and makes and models of the heating/cooling and ventilation plant); and
  • Details of the lighting systems to be installed

Laurence Jay Ltd can accept drawings for assessment in a wide variety of formats, including AutoCad (dwg or dxf).


For more information on our Commercial Energy Assessment Services and a no obligation quotation, please call us on 0161 427 2699. Alternatively, you can also contact us via email through the enquiry form on the  Contact Us page of this website. For all your Commercial Energy Assessment needs in Cheshire and the North West from commercial EPCs to BRUKL compliance checks, please contact Laurence Jay Ltd.