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BRUKL Compliance Checks
Stockport, Manchester

Are you looking for BRUKL compliance checks in the Stockport and Manchester area? We offer BRUKL reports for assessing a building's overall energy efficiency.

What is the BRUKL Report?

A BRUKL report is a Building Regulation UK Part L report and is used to show the fuel and energy efficiency of a building. These are needed to make sure the building meets the necessary building regulations. BRUKL documents are used for non-domestic buildings. 

BRUKL reports are also known as SBEM calculation reports, which stands for Simplified Building Energy Model. The BRUKL reports also show the amount of carbon that the building produces whilst in operation. 

An EPC, which stands for Energy Performance Certificate, is also produced to show comparison information and running costs for the building's energy and prove its compliance with the regulations. These documents must be issued using the government-approved software packages and by the energy assessors who have been accredited. 

An energy assessor should complete the SBEM reports and the BRUKL reports as soon as the design details have been made and approved. You'll find a guide to BRUKL reports and why BRUKL compliance is so important on this page.


What Does BRUKL Stand For? 

B: Building 
R: Regulations
UK: United Kingdom
L: Part L

What Must the BRUKL Reports/SBEM Calculations Include?

The SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) Calculations work out the building's overall energy efficiency. To ensure BRUKL compliance, they assess the following:

  • Hot Water
  • Cooling
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Heating 

After the analysis, when the data and results come through, we will pass this onto the construction workers working on that particular project if any changes need to be made. 


Who Needs a BRUKL Report?

It is mostly new commercial buildings that need to have a BRUKL report. The report itself is used by construction workers and builders who are doing the building work, and it is important for every building to have one to ensure it isn't producing too much carbon whilst the building services are in action. 

Why are BRUKL Reports so Important?

BRUKL reports are important during the building process to ensure the building will meet the required building regulations. These reports are used regularly to keep on top of the compliance. 

All new properties must have a BRUKL report, and this must take place during the design process. This ensures that whilst the building services are taking place, the carbon production stays as low as possible.  

Are you looking for BRUKL compliance checks?

Are you looking for BRUKL compliance checks in the Stockport and Manchester area? We offer BRUKL reports for assessing a building's overall energy efficiency.

We are here to give you the guidance you need to better your energy consumption and efficiency and ensure your BRUKL compliance. We work around the Manchester area and can help you with all aspects of your BRUKL checks for your project. 

We really value our users here at Laurence Jay Ltd, and we will give you a full analysis of your energy efficiency and ensure you understand the data. You will also receive an EPC to prove your BRUKL compliance and that you meet the required building regulations. Call 0161 427 2699 to discuss your requirements.